We are a collective of artists, activists and researchers exploring creative collaborations to uncover the untold stories of our times.

Un-earthed is:

Rosie Leach: performer, researcher, community organiser and money advisor. Since co-founding Green Stage theatre in 2010, Rosie has devised a number of theatre shows and workshops exploring ecological questions. She works on research projects focused on food, poverty and social change. Rosie is part of the Peaceful Schools education project and the Theatr Playback Dyfi theatre company.

Ariana Jordao:

Kara Moses: grassroots activist and trainer, journalist and nature connection facilitator. She writes for publications including the Guardian and Resurgence, and is Environment Editor for Red Pepper. Kara organises with direct action groups including Reclaim the Power and Plane Stupid. She is interested in exploring the fusion of and interplay between art and activism.

Un-earthed collective is an offshoot of Green Stage theatre company.