Seeing Wetiko

A performance and short film project commissioned by /TheRules exploring the Algonquin concept of Wetiko – a psycho-spiritual disease that takes hold of the mind and soul, driving the host to greed, excess and selfish consumption, cannibalising the life force of others for selfish gain. We were one of eight artists/collectives from around the world exploring wetiko for a ‘starburst’ of … More Seeing Wetiko

Waterweek 2015

Armed with a bath tub, headphones and a sat-nav, Kate Knowles and Rosie Leach navigate their way through a sea of stories and identities, to discover what they can learn about themselves by reflecting on water, and bathtubs. A performance devised for WATERWEEK 2015 at Hermonceaux Castle, West Sussex, this surreal, high-energy show explored the reinvigorating … More Waterweek 2015


A series of performances, conversations and reflections inspired by women’s voices from the Centre of Alternative Technology Oral History Archive. See here for details